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​DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for October 6

​DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for October 6The Department of Health (DOH) reported a total of 2 imported COVID-19 cases from the US (Case 16376 and 16377) on October 6. The individuals tested positive during quarantine and self-health monitoring period, respectively.
According to the agency, Case 16377 is a female in her 40’s residing in Wenshan District and a flight crew member. The initial screening after arrival on September 26 was negative. The PCR screening administered after 5 days of hotel quarantine from September 27 through October 1 was also negative. Later, she served on a one-day flight to Singapore on October 3 (remaining onboard during the entire trip), but the test on October 5 showed her to be COVID positive with Ct value of 33.
The asymptomatic case is currently staying at a hospital. Another PCR screening on October 6 showed positive results with Ct value of 22. Records indicate that the individual received two shots of COVID-19 vaccine in July and August. Antibody tests include negative result for antibodies against N protein but positive result for those against S protein, which means that she is in the initial stage of infection.
A total of 4 people living with the patient and 5 others with contact history have been quarantined. Two of the individuals are also members of the aircrew and two others are enrolled in elementary schools at Wenshan and Daan districts. Preventative suspension has been implemented for the classes, extracurricular activities, and cram school classes which the two individuals attended. School campuses and workplaces related with the confirmed case have all been disinfected. A total of 119 people will undergo screening. The latest results indicate that the 4 individuals living with the patient and the 2 crew members aboard the October 4 flight as negative.
The public are reminded to comply with Level 2 COVID Alert guidelines such as wearing face mask, washing hands frequently, observing social distancing, and refraining from unnecessary gatherings. In the case of suspicious symptoms, PCR screenings are available at 7 local hospitals including Taipei City Hospital Heping, Zhongxing, Renai, Yangming, and Zhongxiao campuses, as well as Guandu and Wanfang hospitals.
For any questions related to COVID-19, please call the 1922 pandemic prevention hotline or DOH at 2375-3782.