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Mayor Attends Double Ten Flag Raising Ceremony at City Hall

Mayor Attends Double Ten Flag Raising Ceremony at City HallTo celebrate Double Ten Day, Mayor Ko Wen-je led city officials at the flag-raising ceremony in front of city hall in the morning of October 10.
Greeting the crowd upon his arrival at Citizen Plaza at 7 AM, the mayor remarked that he is grateful for seeing so many people showing up to commemorate the National Day of ROC. He felt much relief to see that the morning weather was actually quite nice, as the rainstorm in the previous night made him quite worried.
Regarding the souvenir bags given away to the early birds who waited in the queue all night, he pointed out that the concept of practicality was highlighted in the design without impacting the cost. He promised that he himself will join Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung to hand out all 3,000 bags personally to those in the line.
Ko also took the opportunity to express his wish of making Taipei City a better place through the efforts of his administrative team. He also hopes that the achievements of the city can spread outwards and help the entire island to become a better place.
He concluded that today’s event is not only a celebration for Double Ten Day, but also an occasion for citizens to encourage themselves and each other to work hand-in-hand, making the city a better place for all.