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DOL Taipei Urges Locals to Heed the “3 Dos" Rule when Hiring Care Workers

* The Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) recently conducted a campaign at the Taipei City Hospital, Zhongxing Branch to promote the legal hiring of foreign labor by Taiwanese citizens. The office offered consultations to patients and their families on how to hire legal care workers through verification.

After the briefing, the citizens in attendance realized that they cannot hire foreign care workers haphazardly, because if they do not conduct a thorough verification and break the law, they will risk incurring a fine.

Over the last year, the Department of Labor (DOL) has received reports from the public about suspicious business cards being distributed in hospitals claiming to provide fast and easy access to foreign care workers; in some instances, people hospitalized due to illness called the numbers on the business cards without giving it a second thought to hire a foreign care worker, only to find out that they have hired a migrant worker who has gone AWOL. As a result, those who hire these care takers were fined for violating the Employment Service Act!

According to DOL, households needing foreign migrant workers should first obtain permission from the Ministry of Labor; thus, it is impossible to “hire a foreign worker right away with one simple phone call." With illegal service providers distributing business cards at major hospitals, anxious family members of hospitalized patients sometimes are tricked into hiring illegal migrant workers without verification.

In this promotional campaign, staff from FDLO demonstrated to the audience how to use the National Immigration Agency's system to verify the legal status of the foreign worker they intend to hire. At the same time, the 3 security steps of "Do ask if it is a legal agency; Do check the ID documents of the foreign worker; Do take photos of the ID documents as proof" in order to ensure the legality of the employment relationship and prevent fines. The office also offered consultation services on issues such as migrant worker remuneration and leave.

In the future, the FDLO will conduct promotional campaigns at various other branches of Taipei City Hospital. If you have any questions concerning the regulations, please browse the Foreign Worker Residence Permit Check Section on the DOL website (https://reurl.cc/l4exA) at home; alternatively, contact the Foreign Worker Inspection Section of FDLO at (02)2338-1600 for more information.