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City Sets up New Website with Info on Taipei Dome Construction Project

Taipei City Government unveiled a new information website providing construction details on Taipei Dome Complex on May 22.
City Spokesperson Sidney Lin indicated that the construction of Taipei Dome was suspended based on Article 58 of the Building Act. The city government has been exploring possible solutions with issues such as public safety and contract, as well as continuing calling out to Farglory Dome Company to adopt a more proactive role in the process.
Lin noted that with the public’s immense interest in the development of the Taipei Dome project, the city government has decided to set up a website dedicated to this issue, providing the populace with the latest updates and a clear stance of city hall on this issue. It also seeks to correct unfounded rumors related with the case through this website.
According to Lin, the mayor has also uploaded a short film to the website to express his own thoughts about the case to the public. In the footage, he described the problem has a complex issue having accumulated over the terms of the past two mayors. He believes that the problem has to be dealt with and should not be left unresolved.
The spokesperson added that the information website includes important figures on the front page to offer visitors a better understanding of the problem with Taipei Dome. Other information on the website touches upon issues such as vision and strategy.
Taipei Dome Complex Open Info Website (Chinese): http://taipeicity.github.io/tpe_dome