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Mayor: Working to Provide Increased Drinking Water Fountains

Mayor drank water from a mobile drinking fountain at Taipei Expo Park on February 27 accompanied by his wife and Taipei Water Department (TWD) Commissioner Chen Jiin-shyang, in a move to vouch for the quality of Taipei’s drinkable tap water.
Citing the remarks of Taipei Computer Association president Tung Tsu-hsien, Ko believed that a civilized city should provide the three basic services for residents—safe drinking water, access to toilets, and wireless internet connections.
In fact, Ko noted, Taipei boasts tap water that meets the water quality potability standards. Apart from some water pipes which need replacing, most tap water sources in Taipei are safe to drink.
Ko stated that the City is working to design a QR Code offering information on spots where residents or visitors will be able to find safe drinking water using their mobile devices. Upholding the spirit of environmental protection, he reckoned that the city government will increase readily available drinking water facilities in the hope of reducing the use of bottled water.
TWD Commissioner added that the quality of Taipei’s tap water, under strict surveillance, has already reached a level on a par with that that of advanced western countries and Japan. Individuals who visit the 2015 Taipei Lantern Festival at Taipei Expo Park are welcome to utilize the drinking water fountains.