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Flood Season: Avoid Playing in the Water Near Creeks and Rivers

Flood Season: Avoid Playing in the Water Near Creeks and RiversWith the temperature dropping as we head toward mid-autumn, it appears that the monsoon season is safely behind us. However, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) reminded citizens to pay attention to their own safety when they approach creeks and riverside. The flood season usually lasts from May through November, so the riverbanks may still be unpredictable and may still hide some danger.
Chief Chu from GEO’s Mud/Rockslide Control Division noted that creeks and rivers in mountainous areas can see a sudden rise in water levels during or after sudden torrential rain. That is why people should be aware of the dangers of riverside environment and look out for their own safety.
The city government has installed warning signs next to locations which have seen drowning or other accidents in the past. The purpose of these signs is to remind visitors of potential hazards and that they should be on the lookout for their own safety.
Some of these warning signs have rescue equipment placed next to them which people can use in the case of emergencies near the waters. Furthermore, the agency also dispatches staff to conduct routine inspection of the signs and rescue equipment to ensure that the devices are in serviceable conditions. 
Members of the public are reminded that being precautious near waters will help reduce the chance of danger. They should also have a basic understanding of the water environment and drowning prevention, enabling them to deal with crisis calmly and efficiently if the needs arise.