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DOL Inspections in May to Spotlight Gender Equality, Granting of Leaves

The Department of Labor (DOL) organized the “Heartwarming Labor Month: Balance between Home and Work Life” press conference on May 3.
The event seeks to promote the idea of gender equality and equal pay for the same work, hoping that companies will place an emphasis on the happiness of employees. It also signals the start of labor inspections focusing on gender equality at the work place.
Labor Commissioner Lai remarked that the right of workers to take family care leaves, menstrual leaves, paternity leaves, and maternity leaves is permitted under the Act of Gender Equality in Employment. However, many workers are reluctant to claim their leaves because they risk falling into bad standing with their employers.
Before the inspections began on May 2, DOL has already notified 30 tourist hotels with over 200 employees to conduct preliminary self-inspections. Following the conclusion of inspections, the agency will announce the results and conduct follow-ups and provide guidance if necessary.
Section Chief Liu of DOL pointed out that the inspections will focus on whether businesses have taken steps to implement measures preventing sexual harassment at work; whether menstrual, maternity, and family care leaves are separate from standard sick and unpaid leaves; whether taking leaves will affect the worker’s work evaluation; and whether those taking extended maternity leave without pay can regain their positions/salary after returning to work.