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Longshan Temple Marks 18 Years in Helping Disadvantaged Students

The Longshan Temple Scholarship and Grants award ceremony took place on Saturday, May 28. Deputy Commissioner of Education Tseng Sang-jin attended the event and presented a certificate of gratitude to the temple for its effort in helping disadvantaged students over the years.
“If something bad happens, you can only deal with it. My kids only have me to depend on,” noted Ms. Wu. Her husband, a firefighter, passed away due to lung cancer complications. With three surviving daughters – twins inflicted with cerebral palsy and another one only 8-years old, the entire family’s livelihood relies on the income from her part time jobs.
Fortunately, the school took note of her family’s plight and helped Ms. Wu apply for financial assistance with the Foundation of Helping Underprivileged Students (FHUS) of Taipei City Department of Education. Her case was referred to Longshan Temple, which took steps to provide assistance to the family, allowing Ms. Wu to have more time to look after her children.
Longshan Temple has been longtime supporter of charity efforts – especially in assisting underprivileged students. According to Deputy Commissioner Tseng, who also serves as the president of FHUS, Longshan Temple has worked with the foundation for over 18 years in assisting students from disadvantaged families.
As of today, the temple authority has aided 1,560 individuals, spending roughly NT$31.5 million over the years. Since 2003, Longshan Temple doubled the funding of its annual aid from NT$1 million to NT$2 million to help students take their minds off financial difficulties and concentrate on their studies.