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Sons of Beitou – Wenhua Elementary School Affiliated Kindergarten to Stage Performances at Xinbeitou Historic Station

* "One, two, three, Chinese kung fu here we go!" The sounds of kung fu practice can often be heard from the classrooms of Taipei Municipal Wenhua Elementary School Affiliated Kindergarten. They are not just putting on a show but diligently honing the skill of Zhuan Jian Quan, a martial art form found in Beitou with a century of heritage. In its early years, Beitou was given the laudatory name of Lion's Den and Martial Arts Central!

In another classroom, the children are discussing "How come Beitou Station disappeared? And how come it has reappeared? Why is there a train station with no trains?" as they study the history of Xinbeitou Historic Station attentively. Taipei Municipal Wenhua Elementary School Affiliated Kindergarten teaches local culture, and local culture is all about life education, where local culture is incorporated into the lesson’s themes, guiding the children to learn and integrate information in a systematic manner.

Children visiting the Beitou Hot Spring Museum are able to discover the origin of Beitou's nickname "Lion's Den and Martial Arts Central". The lion's heads on display are exquisitely crafted, featuring ferocious or majestic demeanors that mesmerized the children. When they returned, the kindergarten joined forces with local organizations, inviting the disciple of the recipient of the 13th Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award – Folk Arts and Crafts Award in 2006 and 1998 Provincial Government Lifetime Achievement Award, Master Hung Lai-wang, also known as Lion's Head Wang,” to teach the children how to produce the traditional lion's head, so that they can appreciate the beauty of 100-year-old craftsmanship and learn about Beitou's local martial art forms.

While passing through Xinbeitou Historic Station, the children discovered that there were no trains in the station, so they kept on walking, investigating, and studying to gain insight into the station that is older than their grandpas and grandmas. The children also produced a play called The Wandering Station to present the history of the station from their perspective. At the same time, their drawings of the magnificent station were embodied in stunning postcards, hoping to convey the beauty of Xinbeitou Historic Station by sending postcards. On June 6, children from Taipei Municipal Wenhua Elementary School Affiliated Kindergarten will perform the lion dance, martial arts, play, and hand out postcards at Xinbeitou Historic Station, hoping to let more people appreciate the diversity and abundance of their hometown through the Sons of Beitou.

The Principal of Taipei Municipal Wenhua Elementary School Chiang Chi-yu is an avid supporter of engaging in collaborations with local organizations to develop kindergarten courses. He commented that learning for kindergarteners begins with local culture; at the same time, through parent-teacher cooperation and the integration of community resources, the aim is to create a happy learning environment and unique local curricula for the children. We have the responsibility to let children explore the distinctive history and culture of the land on which they live, so as to pass on its heritage, strengthen their sense of belonging towards Beitou, and fall in love with the region.

Xinbeitou Historic Station Performance Program (June 6)

*10:00-10:05 Guest speech
*10:05-10:15 Beitou Lion's Head Wang
*10:20-10:30 Play – Wandering Station
*10:30-10:35 Postcard giveaway
*10:35-10:40 Introducing Xinbeitou Historic Station's wood protection activity
*10:40-11:10 Applying wood oil to Xinbeitou Historic Station