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Ko Promotes Yilan Green Expo, Seeks to Replicate Success of Eco Tourism

Mayor Ko Wen-je marked the 101st day in office with a visit to 2015 Yilan Green Expo. The trip was at the invitation of Yilan Magistrate Lin Tsung-hsien.

Ko made a stop at an exhibition area to learn more about the symbiotic system of “aquaponics”—a technique used to raise aquatic animals in tanks/pools, which then provides nutrients required for growing vegetables.

Taipei’s mayor noted that Yilan County has made great efforts in promoting the concept of symbiosis and humanity-oriented administration. The municipality’s experience in integrating recreation, ecology, and agriculture will serve as a source of reference for Taipei to emulate, as the island’s capital seeks to redefine itself as a ‘garden city.’

He remarked that measures have been taken to implement the policy, including establishing an information center at Taipei Expo Park, launching classes on the subject at community colleges, leasing fallow land to residents to promote farming, as well as engaging local schools in related activities.

As a move to promote the Yilan Green Expo, Magistrate Lin promised to provide a 20% discount on admissions for residents of municipalities where the mayors or magistrates have visited the event. Thanks to Ko’s visit, Taipei citizens will be able to enjoy the discount between April 4 and 10.

Ko also visited Shengou Village in Yuanshan Township to try his hands at transplanting rice seedlings. According to Lai Qing-song from Grain Stockholders Club, Yilan is an ideal destination for city children to learn more about agriculture and growing crops. He invited Taipei to consider the collaboration opportunity, citing the success of hands-on farm tours attracting visitors from Hong Kong and Singapore.