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[2020 Taipei Lantern Festival] TES’s Creative Rendition of Home Is Everywhere We Go

Home Is Everywhere We Go lantern created by students of TES The innovative Taipei European School (TES) is back! After creating the astonishing European Explorer lantern, the students have been invited to participate in the exhibition once again this year, creating the Home Is Everywhere We Go lantern inspired by the image of snails for the 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival.

TES director of educational services Mr. Kerry Nockolds said that it is an honor for TES students to attend the extremely meaningful international gathering. “Although it was extremely difficult when we partook in the event for the first time last year, the students also learned a great deal, and their exhibit was rewarded with plenty of positive feedback. As a result, we have decided to join the event again this year,” said Nockolds. This year’s theme aims to portray how each student and his or her family introduced their culture and religion from all over the world to Taiwan. Just like snails carrying their homes on their backs, the students have also brought their homes to Taiwan. The motifs and colors on the snail lantern comprise the colors of different national flags, similar to stained glass motifs inspired by traditional religious architecture in Europe.

Having led the children in completing the lantern, TES art teacher Mr. Eamonn O’Callaghan said that this year’s lantern is inspired by the theme of a Harmonious Big Family, and was created by 12 students aged 8-10 in 14 weeks. Together, they painted historic European tainted glass motifs onto traditional Chinese lantern fabric, and all the flowers in the exhibition were hand-folded by the students. The design merging eastern and western elements embodies the fusion of different cultures within the school. The lantern’s theme, Home Is Everywhere We Go, aims to introduce global cultures to Taiwan and create a home for these cultures. Education is like a lantern that guides the children to embrace a future of possibilities with confidence.

According to Nockolds, TES consists of the German Section, British Section, and French Section, accommodating 1,500 international students from over 50 countries worldwide. The school’s motto is A Piece of Europe in Taiwan, and its mission is to provide educational excellence and European culture and values within the context of Taiwanese society. To this day, TES is still striving to blend into the Taiwanese society, and events combining traditional culture with international exchange such as the Taipei Lantern Festival offer a great opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with TES. He also commented that although the students only stay in Taiwan for a brief period of time, they all cherish the moments they spend in this splendid city.

Taipei City Deputy Secretary-General Chien Che-Hung pointed out that, as an international metropolis, Taipei City has endeavored to forge friendships and facilitate cultural interactions with various international cities. Educated in a diverse environment, the students of TES are endowed with an international perspective, cross-cultural understanding, independent thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills. The Home Is Everywhere We Go lantern exudes the students’ creativity and vitality, so thanks to TES for continuing to support the Taipei Lantern Festival, in turn allowing Taipei citizens and tourists from all over the world to appreciate the outcome of cultural fusion and interaction.

The 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival will be held from February 8 to 16 at Ximen and Nangang in the East and West District of Taipei City, and TES’s Home Is Everywhere We Go lantern can be found on the east side of Section 1, Zhonghua Road (intersection of Section 1, Zhonghua Road and Section 1, Kaifeng Street). For more details pertaining to the 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival, please refer to the official website (https://2020.lanternfestival.taipei/).