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TCH, Academia Sinica Collaborate on Social Prescription for Dementia Patients

Taipei City HallSince 2018, Taipei City Hospital (TCH) has been promoting social prescriptions for dementia patients. Over the years, the institution successfully established a comprehensive process to educate organizations in different fields on the illness. TCH also held a number of training programs and conducted exchanges with various agencies, hoping to convince more organizations to contribute to dementia care and to work together to establish dementia-friendly communities. Institutions that work with TCH in this area include National Taiwan Museum, Palace Museum, and National Theater and Concert Hall.
The Academia Sinica invited Taipei City Hospital (TCH) Dementia Center and Zhongxiao Campus to discuss details on social prescriptions for dementia patients in November of 2021. After several rounds of talks, the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding on organizing dementia-friendly activities at Academia Sinica’s Hu Shih Memorial Hall, Museum of Institute of Ethnology, and Museum of the Institute of History and Philology.
Starting February of 2022, frontline workers and volunteers at the aforementioned museums took part in training programs to learn how to create a dementia-friendly environment and boost their knowledge on dementia. A total of 131 people completed the 4-hour-long training program.
Experts from the TCH divisions visited the respective museums to discuss details with museum staff and help them plan the dementia-friendly activities. This ensures that the service flow for dementia patients at these facilities is more comprehensive and thorough.
Director Hung Chia-wei of the Neurology Division at TCH Zhongxiao Campus pointed out that the three museums have their respective traits and charms – thanks to their collections. The Museum of Institute of Ethnology instructs elders on how to make glass beads using the method of the Paiwan people. The Museum of the Institute of History and Philology leads participants on a tour of tools utilized in the daily life of people living during the Shang Dynasty. Visitors at the Hu Shih Memorial Hall will have a chance to explore the former residence of the scholar and enjoy old photos from the earlier days of Taipei City.