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Taipei Youth Affairs Department’s Organizational Regulations Draft Passes Council Review

The Taipei City Council completed the third review of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department's organizational regulations draft during its regular session today (January 31). The Taipei City Government thanked the Council for its cross-party support of this department’s establishment as well as the feedback it provided. The Council’s recommendations will further improve the department’s organizational planning.

Following the Council’s approval of the Youth Affairs Department’s organizational regulations, the city government will promptly send its self-governing ordinances for organizational establishment to the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Civil Service (MOCS), which will then transfer the regulations to the Examination Yuan. Subsequently, the city government will pass the Youth Affairs Department’s organizational regulations to the MOCS. The regulations will then be forwarded to the Examination Yuan by the MOCS for review. After the establishment of the Taipei City Youth Affairs Department, the city government will develop youth-oriented policies and recruit qualified personnel for the formulation of follow-up policy objectives and administration plans.

The Taipei City Government once again expresses its gratitude to the Council for its suggestions. The Youth Affairs Department will incorporate the Council’s recommendations into its business planning assessment. The Taipei City Government will consolidate resources to provide youth in the city with even more innovative and diverse services, thus further promoting opportunities for young talent in Taipei to engage in exchanges. In the future, the department will aim to provide excellent policies and services for youth who are striving for success in the city.