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WCPD: Tips on Helping Kids to Stay Safe

In light of recent violence against school children on campus, the Women’s and Children’s Protection Division of Taipei City Police Department (WCPD) urges the public to keep an eye out for the safety of kids and protect them from potential dangers.

WCPD noted that young students are exposed to a number of risks when going to school. The first priority is to always abide by road traffic safety rules such as not jaywalking and paying special attention to scaffolding or dangerous objects along the sidewalks when passing by construction sites.

In addition, statistics show that children are especially vulnerable to abduction by strangers who use lures such as toys and food, or even being forcibly taken away by psychotics. WCPD calls upon parents to equip their children with a whistle (without strings attached, for fear of being used as a strangling tool by abductors) with them at all times.

WCPD also advises parents to set a numeric password known only between them and their children. Should the youngsters encounter strangers who claim to have connections with their parents, they can ask them for the password as an identity check.

More tips on self-protection can be found at the Chinese WCPD website (http://wpd.police.taipei/) or the Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/jennyfuyo).