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City Establishes Forward Command Post at TAPMC to Ensure Operations

 Poster describing the details of Operation TAPMC 2.0In light of positive COVID cases reported at Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation (TAPMC) and rising public concern over the possibility of virus spread through contact with packaging materials and purchase of products, the city government announced that it has implemented “Operation TAPMC 2.0” on Saturday (June 19).
Under the emergency response plan, the task force responsible for the rapid screening at Bopilao Old Street has been reassigned to TAPMC to set up a forward command post.
TAPMC plays a vital role in supplying daily necessities to the Greater Taipei Area, as well as central and southern Taiwan. Since the implementation of a fast screening project at TAPMC over the Dragon Festival long weekend, the city government has completed rapid tests for 451 staff members. It also provided medical assistance to those who tested positive at the first moment, as well as drawing up a list of quarantined individuals in compliance with regulations to reduce cluster risks.
As of Monday morning, the City has arranged for individuals testing negative during rapid screening to receive vaccine shots. A total of 200 staff and auctioneers and tallymen have undergone rapid screening and are now awaiting inoculation. Rapid tests will continue for the remaining workers.
At the same time, additional fast screening stations will be established to provide rapid testing to consignees at locations closer to home. The city government hopes that this approach will help maintain day-to-day operation in fruits and vegetable wholesale across Greater Taipei and other regions in Taiwan.
Among the 19 individuals who tested positive initially, 9 are not residents of Taipei. The city government worked with the authorities of New Taipei and Keelung to obtain contact-tracing information for these patients, helping to identify one more positive case through the Precision Contact-tracing approach. Fortunately, the results from follow-up PCR tests indicated negative results for the rest of the people on the contact-tracing list.
A similar approach involving Precision Contact-tracing and contact list management will be carried out for the 18 people who tested positive at the affiliated wholesale and retail markets.