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DEP Adopts Preventive Measures against Dengue Fever, Zika Virus

DEP Adopts Preventive Measures against Dengue Fever, Zika VirusSpring has sprung. As the weather pattern of this season likely induces an increase in mosquito activities, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has scaled up its vector control efforts and calls for the public to stay alert.
Starting this year, additional disinfection measures will be taken by the city’s public elementary, junior and senior high schools during April and May, apart from the scheduled sessions slated during summer vacation periods. The agency will dispatch inspectors to all 279 public schools in the city to ensure sanitation requirements have been met and give feedbacks to the schools regarding aspects requiring improvements.
DEP will continue its regular pesticide administration operations at all of the 456 boroughs at a frequency of once every two to three months. For reports from the public on pest infestation-related issues, DEP will respond through the implementation of enhanced disinfection procedures and cleaning up vector-breeding sites.
The agency noted that the eradication of breeding sites holds the key to effective prevention of both dengue and Zika virus. It reminds the public to always keep their living environment clean and to maintain a high level of awareness when travelling abroad to tropical countries.
Other control measures the public can adopt include running regular checks for places where water collect, cleaning-up such places, removing stagnate water from containers, and disposing unwanted containers to minimize hazards.