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New Commissioner to Head TCPD

The swearing-in ceremony for Chen Jia-chang, the new commissioner of Taipei City Police Department (TCPD), took place on September 21.
Presiding over the ceremony, Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-ji expressed his gratitude to all the guests for attending and to the outgoing commissioner Chiu Feng-kuang for his contributions to the City through improvements such as lower crime rates and smoother traffic.
Teng pointed out that Taipei is an important part of Chiu’s career, where many people recalled how Chiu, earlier in his career, broke into the hideout of gunman Chen Chin-hsing with fellow officers to rescue hostages despite insufficient gear.
The deputy mayor stressed that Chiu is not only outstanding in enforcing law and order, but also invested much effort in supervising the police force. He recalled how he told Chiu not to forget about his own rights and family when looking after the well-being of 7,000 police officers and their families.
In addition to wishing Chiu the best in his position as the deputy director-general of the National Police Agency, Teng also expressed his well-wishes on behalf of Mayor Ko Wen-je to Chen, hoping the new commissioner will continue to uphold Taipei’s safety and security.