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TaipeiPASS Contact Tracing: Pandemic Prevention Efforts Through Technology

Poster promoting TaipeiPASSIn response to the wave of COVID infections, the city government introduced new technologies which enhance pandemic prevention efforts and boost public confidence – TaipeiPASS Contact-tracing Mechanism, Online Pandemic Relief Application, and Pandemic Information Dashboard.
To make contact-tracing registration even more convenient, the city government built upon the basis of the central government’s 1922 SMS contact tracing framework to integrate Taipei’s version into the mechanism, thereby creating a dual-use QR Code for local businesses and venues. Through the shared QR Code, users can also register their contact information by scanning with TaipeiPASS app and forward the information via the internet. The integrated contact tracing service will go live starting June 1, with the integrated QR codes becoming available at all public venues – a well as at a growing number of businesses – in Taipei.
With the city government announcing 9 major COVID relief measures last Friday, all applications for these programs will be processed online, thereby eliminating the need of individuals leaving home and risking exposure to COVID. To apply, simply visit the designated area for COVID relief programs on Taipei Citizen Services Platform (https://service.gov.taipei/) and apply with your TaipeiPASS account.
Furthermore, the city government’s Big Data Center has played a key supportive role in Taipei’s overall pandemic prevention effort by processing the government’s public data on COVID-19 and uploading them to the city government’s Pandemic Information Dashboard. Data spanning risk assessment to resource allocation are presented through the program’s visual interface, providing key and precise statistics to the City’s decision makers and allowing them to formulate policies accordingly.
Secretary-general Chen Chih-ming remarked that for users who have already downloaded TaipeiPASS, the integrated QR code is easily accessible when they update their software to the latest version. Even for those who do not have TaipeiPASS installed, they can still proceed with contact-tracing registration as long as they scan the dual-purpose QR code with a smartphone that can recognize QR code. One advantage of TaipeiPASS scanning is registering multiple visitors who are family members – the user can simply scan the code and enter how many family members are with him or her. This is in consideration of people who bring their kids or elders along on shopping trips.
Information Technology Commissioner Simon Lu pointed out that both 1922 SMS contact-tracing and TaipeiPASS contact-tracing mechanism share the same objective. Despite the differences in applied technologies, both systems accomplish the same thing while also allowing users to choose their preferred mechanism. The main differences are those of interface, capability to register multiple individuals, verification mechanism, and code support environment.
For local shops and businesses who want to set up their individual integrated QR code for contract-tracing, they can apply at the following website (https://mycode.gov.taipei/SiteQR) starting June 1.