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[Level 3 COVID Alert] City Offers 13 Respite Stations for Cops, Medical Workers

 A room inside one of the Respite StationSince March of 2020, Taipei City Government have been collaborating with hotel partners to establish “Respite Stations” for frontline cops, firefighters, and pandemic prevention staff as a way to enhance the safety and comfort of these key workers.
As of May 24, there are 13 dedicated Respite Station in Taipei offering 420 rooms to the frontline workers. The availability of these temporary abodes ensure that the busy pandemic prevention workforce can enjoy a sound sleep, recuperate, and return to the frontline fully refreshed.
According to the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT), public servants of Taipei City Government can secure a single occupancy lodging at these respite stations for NT$1600 a night (there are also options available at NT$1200 and NT$1400). This ensures that these workers can continue to do their jobs without worries of finding a place to rest.
The agency also reminds partner hotels and inns to clearly indicate whether the price includes meal and amenities on their brochures and provide details during the reservation process. City workers can receive reimbursement from the city government for their stay by submitting the receipt to their respective agencies.
Commissioner Liu Yi-ting of TPEDOIT remarked that the price for a night’s stay at these respite stations for police, firefighters, and medical workers is NT$1600. There are currently 420 rooms available across 13 partner hotels, ensuring that the frontline personnel working on pandemic prevention receives strong support to carry out their duties.