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Mayor Shares Vision on Waterfront City

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the International Forum of Taipei Water Environment on March 7. The event was organized by the Public Works Department (PWD).
Dignitaries attending the meeting include the Japanese representative of International Federation of Landscape Architects Fumiaki Takano, Foundation Delta Alliance International representative Ivo Demmers, and others.
During his address, the mayor expressed his gratitude to scholars and local government officials from six countries, as well as representatives from 20 major NGOs taking part in the forum. The core topics of the forum span wetland creation and management, integrated flood control, and revitalizing the riverfront.
According to Ko, while water is very important, water utility price in Taiwan has been relatively cheap for a long period of time. He believes that the public should put more emphasis on this resource and manage it in an effective manner.
The mayor noted that PWD has assessed the possibility of processing waste water via wetland, but reached a conclusion that such approach is not plausible due to Taipei’s high population density. He hopes that with so many specialists from across the globe attending the forum, the experts can arrive at new approaches to tackle this issue. He hopes that great minds working on the topic can offer their professional opinions backed by numbers and theories.