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Taipei Vision 2050 Project Office Inaugurated

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the opening ceremony for the Taipei Vision 2050 Project Office on November 4.
During his speech, Ko noted that it has been over 130 years since the founding of the city. It is necessary to come up with a long term plan on how the city should develop in the future. With the new approach involving the industry, the government, the academia, and the citizens, he believes that the different sectors will be able to interact through the platform provided by the project office to help move the city forward in the form of urban planning for 2050.
The mayor pointed out that major cities around the world, such as London and Seoul, all have their long term urban development plans. Taipei is also trying out new approaches in urban construction, focusing on planning for the entire city rather than on individual streets and alleys.
Citing examples such as Shezidao Development Project, West District Gateway Project, East District Gateway Project, Datong District Regeneration Project, Zhongzheng Wanhua Revitalization Project, the upcoming Greater Wenshan District Plan, and other undertakings, Ko emphasized the importance of integrating efforts by city agencies on the district-level.
Sharing his views on Shezidao development, Ko noted that plans must be reviewed after geological surveys were conducted in 2013. While many residents think of constructing high risers, he does not believe tall buildings are possible if the ground below is subject to soil liquefaction. For him, he prefers an approach which adheres to the laws of nature, veering away from large-scale development plans.