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Roses to Enter Full Bloom at the Taipei Rose Garden

Roses to Enter Full Bloom at the Taipei Rose GardenThe Taipei Rose Garden is a well-known destination for IG photo enthusiasts, given the numerous roses and flowers at the facility. The pleasing aroma combined with the beautiful scenes and landscape allows visitors to relax and separate themselves from the busy urban surroundings.
Among the various attractions at the park, the “Five Color Rose Garden” is the home to numerous seasonal flowers and plants. The yellow-color Celestial Chrysanthemum, which happens to be the county flower of Penghu, forms a carpet of yellow mixed with red blossoms. The Luna Blush are rare plants to behold, so visitors definitely want to catch a glimpse of these brightly-colored flowers. The palm-sized dahlia, which happens to be one of Empress Josephine’s favorites, boasts the most orderly petals among the various flowers at the facility. The Molineux, shrub roses named by British rose breeder David Austin after the Molineux stadium, gives off a musty rose scent and characterized by its yellow-tinted petals. The all-year-round rose La Parisien, with its wave-like petals, appears to be something taken directly out of an oil-painting.
Chief Su of the Parks and Street Lights Office’s Yuanshan Park Management Division pointed out that in addition to the rose garden, the Xinsheng Area of Taipei Expo Park also boasts massive greens and a garden maze for the entire family to enjoy. The “Dome of light” under the night sky is also quite a sight to behold.
For more information on the blooms at Taipei Rose Garden, public transportation, or related weekend activities, please visit the Chinese Facebook fan page of Taipei Rose Garden or call the Yuanshan Park Management Division (TEL: 2585-0192).

  1. MRT: Please disembark at MRT Yuanshan Station. Follow the signs at Taipei Expo Park until you reach the Xinsheng Park Area.
  2. Bus: You can take a number of buses to the bus stops near Taipei Rose Garden: Xinsheng Park (685, R34, M9, R50); Xinsheng Park/Lin An-tai Mansion (72, 222, M9, R34); Jiling Road End (542, 685, 688, R57); or Taipei Fish Market (74).
  3. Bicycle: Rent a YouBike at the rental station near Exit 2 of MRT Yuanshan Station. Return it at the Lin An-tai Mansion rental station which is nearby the garden.