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City to Promote Upcoming Ban on Disposable, Melamine Utensils

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that city hall will be banning the use of disposable and melamine utensils at city hall starting April 1.
To raise public awareness on this upcoming ban, the agency will conduct a series of promotion activities at the B1, B2, and first floor of city hall between March 14 and March 31.
As a part of the promotion campaign, DEP mobilized staff members from the department to the different entrances of city hall and the basement floors, each holding signs informing passersby about the impending policy on disposable and melamine utensils.
In addition, “Huili Bear” will join the staff to call upon individuals to help protect our environment by employing reusable utensils when enjoying meals. The agency reminds visitors to take this opportunity to say hi to Huili and stand for a picture with him.
Starting March 21, the employee restaurant at B1 will replace all melamine dishes, utensils, and plates with stainless steel versions. For take outs, paper lunchboxes will no longer be available; customers will either have to bring their own lunch boxes or rent one from the restaurant.
Likewise, the convenience store on B2 will no longer provide paper cups for beverages-to-go. However, those eating inside the convenience store will still have access to reusable utensils.
Furthermore, bottled water will be banned at all activities organized by city government starting April 1.