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DOH: Discretion Advised When Seeking Cosmetic Treatment

The Department of Health (DOH) reminds consumers to stay cautious when seeking cosmetic treatment, especially over the Chinese New Year holiday when a boom of such activity sees a rise in demand.

Citing statistics, DOH noted that a total of 116 disputes related to aesthetic medicine were reported in 2015. The agency reminds underage students and their parents/guardians that the following surgical procedures are banned for those under the age of 18 (with the exception of those performed as treatments for medical conditions): liposuction, facelifts, breast augmentation, Oculoplastic surgery, Rhinoplasty, facial bone contouring, and hair transplantation.
DOH urged the public to exercise caution when selecting aesthetic medical clinics and adhere to the following principles to protect their own rights:
1. Look for the business license at the medical facility.
2. Ensure the doctor has a medical license.
3. Inquire about the medical equipment’s use instructions.
4. Avoid taking part in promotional group-purchasing deals.
5. Ask if the medical procedure is to be carried out by a certified doctor.
6. Ask if the medical equipment for laser or supersonic therapies, for example, is to be operated by qualified medical personnel.
7. Ask if advance deposit or down payment is accepted by the institution (Such practices violate the Medical Care Act).
8. Ask if receipts will be issued by the institution for medical fees charged in compliance with Medical Care Act.
For inquiries relating to cosmetic medicine, please visit the Chinese website (http://health.gov.taipei/Default.aspx?tabid=725). Should any dispute arise, please call 1999 Citizen Hotline, ext. 7080 for help.