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Shezidao Enlivened with Lifelike Rapid Stream Ground Painting

Shezidao has taken on a new artistic look!
The Daotou Park has seen its pavement transformed into a giant three-dimensional work of art featuring a roaring river which cascades over rock as well as lifelike bamboo raft and rubber boat.
According to Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO), the art project incorporates the theme of Shezidao’s “wetland” characteristics. The crystal stream brings refreshing coolness in the scorching summer, while fiddler crabs and mudskippers find themselves leisurely bathed in the cold spring—images created out of thin air with paintbrushes.

Lu Chi, one of the artists who created the painting, pointed out that it takes more time and effort to complete a ground painting, as 3D illusion requires more complicated composition and consideration of proportion. Working more than 10 days under the blazing sun and on burning ground was also an excruciating experience; however, the hard work paid off, she noted.
The art scene has been well-received among local residents, many of whom came to appreciate the amazing artwork and took pictures with it.
HEO invites the public to visit Daotou Park for a peek of the street art and to spend time relishing the beauty of the unique riverside scenery from the park, which sits at the convergence of Keelung River and Tamsui River.
Daotou Park can be accessed on bike from Dadaocheng Wharf, traveling all the way down Shezidao Tiding Cycling Path.