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Taipei City Assists Businesses to Capitalize on Demographic Dividend in Penang

* For the second year in a row, Taipei City Government has continued to tap into the Malaysian market by participating in the Taiwan Expo 2019 in Malaysia with the Taipei Your Partner Pavilion. The event is slated to kick off on July 5 at the Setia SPICE Convention Centre in Penang.

It has invited 16 Taipei-based enterprises to attend the 2-day exhibition, targeting demographic dividend in Malaysia and expanding the southbound international markets for participating businesses from Taipei City.

Since successfully hosting the Taipei Your Partner Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur in 2018, the Department of Economic Development (DOED) suggested that the Taipei Your Partner Pavilion will be hosted in Penang this year. Spotlighting 4 major themes of Invest in Taipei, Great Products in Taipei, Traveling in Taipei, and Linking Taipei, the agency seeks to present Taipei City’s industries and cultural characteristics to exhibition visitors.

In total, 16 enterprises from Taipei City were invited to partake in the exhibition: WorldiBuy Co., Ltd., TenArt Biotech Limited, InfoThink Technology Co., Ltd., Chef Clean, Miinfen Industrial Inc., Relove, Skwentex International Corp., Kimada Co., Ltd., Shiny Brands Group Co., Ltd., New-In Co., Ltd., Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation, Toothfilm Inc., Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd, Hsiang Yao Health Business Co., Ltd., Andean International Incorporation, and Taiwanmania.com International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

DOED indicated that well-known Malaysian anchor Yunna Tan will collaborate with a local Internet sensation. They will interact with other businesses and the audience to promote Taipei City’s products. Local businesses can approach the Taipei Your Partner Pavilion for further details, while those interested will be able to appreciate high-quality products from Taipei-based manufacturers via online demonstrations and offline experiences. Taiwan Expo 2019 in Malaysia - Taipei Your Partner Pavilion will be open 10:00-18:00 on July 5 to 6. For additional information, please browse the StartUp@Taipei Facebook fan page or the official website of the DOED.