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Taipei Friendly GO! New Missions for Taipei AR Treasure Seekers

* An AR treasure-seeking frenzy took Taipei by storm last year, with many players traversing the streets and alleys of Taipei, visiting friendly stores to grab grand prizes. Today, “Taipei Friendly GO!” has made a comeback, inviting players to take their smartphones outdoors and guard the friendly city together. In addition, there is over NT$300,000 worth of prizes up for grabs including Nintendo Switch and robot vacuums!

According to the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC), as the friendly capital of Taiwan, Taipei is endowed with convenient transport and a diverse array of shopping districts. It is also internationally renowned as a friendly city. In order to let more people know about the exciting friendly stores in Taipei City, Taipei City Government has begun recruiting friendly stores and venues since 2016, and the “Taipei Friendly GO!” AR treasure hunt game was designed to attract foreign tourists and young consumers to visit the shops, thereby tapping into a new customer base. Furthermore, the customer mechanism encourages consumers to make purchases at friendly stores and generate further business opportunities.

For this year’s “Taipei Friendly GO!” AR treasure seeking game, 4 hidden characters in Taipei, namely Prof. K, BB, QAbo, and Dr. Odd dress up as 4 guardian angels known as Eastern Swordsman, Western Gunner, Southern Sharpshooter, and Northern Wizard. They are respectively stationed in the east, west, south, and north corners of Taipei. Together, they will help the players ward off nuisances from wave after wave of little outer space monsters. Each time a monster is successfully driven away, the player can accumulate points, competing for over 200 exciting prizes worth more than NT$300,000 in total.

Additionally, timed missions will be unveiled for the “Taipei Friendly GO!” AR treasure hunt from time to time, allowing the players to explore the unique attractions of Taipei City during the gaming process or participate in major events, in turn gaining a more in-depth insight into the diverse appearances of the friendly city. Last but not least, here is a little sneak preview for you guys; a new mission will be added to the “Taipei Friendly GO!” in June, simply make a purchase at any friendly store to quickly accumulate points and grab great prizes!

With such an entertaining AR treasure seeking game, what are you still waiting for? Come on, invite your friends to download the “marq+” app and join the fun! For more event-related information, please browse the “Taipei Friendly GO!” official website (https://goo.gl/oyWnrC) or TCOOC’s Facebook fan page on “all the fun activities in Taipei” (https://www.facebook.com/tcooc/).