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Taipei Ranks One of 53 Must-Visit Cities by US Media

The American media BuzzFeed has ranked Taipei as one of the ‘53 Beautiful Cities Everyone Should Visit At Least Once’ in a recent news release.
According to the Information and Tourism Commissioner Chien Yu-yen, the report indicated that Taipei has established a good reputation in the eyes of foreigners. The capital boasts a diverse and inclusive culture, is traditional yet modern at the same time, and possesses a kind of beauty that is characterized as both grandiose and modest.
A metropolis known for its friendliness and hospitality, Taipei will host the 2017 Universiade, when its enthusiasm for sports will be fully played out on the international stage.
Chien noted that Taipei caters to travelers who seek to explore the rich cultural heritage or wish to indulge themselves in abundant resources of natural attractions, such as Yangmingshan, Maokong, Beitou hot springs, and the Blue Highway.
Taipei also scores high in the fields of cuisine and transportation, for example its night market snacks which garnered CNN coverage and the YouBike bike rental system that has received positive reviews by travel magazine Global Traveler.
Chien remarked that the tourism agency will continue to mount campaigns to market Taipei--taking advantage of convenient online platforms as well as communications systems—with a view to luring an increasing number of tourists to visit the city.