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Taipei, New Taipei Unveils Greater Taipei e-Bus Website

To allow residents of greater Taipei to enjoy convenient access to public bus information, Taipei City Government (TCG) and New Taipei City Government (NTCG) collaborated in establishing a new website offering the latest updates on bus routes running within the two municipalities.
The website went live on November 25, heralding a new age of real-time public bus info for passengers.
Having set up their respective bus information websites in 2004, these predecessors boast access number exceeding 3.5 million users on a daily basis. This demonstrates the growing importance of public bus services for the residents of both municipalities.
Taipei and New Taipei worked together in 2012 to develop real-time bus information systems. Currently, the results of the collaboration – including intelligent bus stops and the toll-free bus info hotline – allow passengers to acquire accurate arrival time of buses at the bus stops. However, due to the lack of integration between the respective bus information systems, the traffic authorities occasionally receive reports of different arrival time shown on the two systems for the same bus.
To minimize such inconsistencies, the two municipalities began working on integration of the two e-bus websites to provide users with accurate and timely bus information. The new Greater Taipei e-Bus Website is the result of this collaboration.
The new website is available online on a trial basis starting November 25. Both TCG and NTCG invite the public to try out the service and offer suggestions and comments regarding user experience for future reference with respect to possible adjustments.
Link 1: ebus.gov.taipei
Link 2: ebus.ntpc.gov.tw