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Taipei Maokong Tea Ceremony Establishes Presence at Tea Promotion Center

Delegates unveil the plaque for the Taipei Maokong Tea CeremonyThe Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) joined Taipei City Maokong Leisure Farms Development Association (MLFDA) and Research Association of Chinese Tea (RACT) in holding the plaque unveiling event for “Taipei Maokong Tea Ceremony” at the Taipei Tea Promotion Center on June 14.
Maokong is a major growing area of Muzha Iron Goddess Tea for over a century. It is not only the place of origin for the tea industry of northern Taiwan, but also the home to the famous Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess Tea).
To promote the culture of tea and Maokong tourism, a tea party involving over 1000 participants was held in 2021, made possible through the collaboration among the three aforementioned organizations. Inviting over one hundred tea masters and comprising numerous outdoor tea-tasting booths, residents were able to enjoy freshly-brewed tea while surrounded by the fresh mountain air and greens of the forest.
The event was well-received by the public and took place again this year on April 16. Under the witness of Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun, the tea meet has been renamed “Taipei Maokong Tea Ceremony.” Delegates attending the plaque unveiling event include MLFDA Chairman Chang Chen-lung, founding chairman Chang Yu-lin, RACT Chairman Weng Chao-liang, Zhinan Borough Chief Chang Chia-nan, Zhinan Temple Chairman Kao Chao-wen, President Chen Chin-tzu of Zhongshun Temple, Chief Strategy Officer Jiang Chung-hung of U-Theater, and Senior Specialist Li Chang-hui from the Department of Economic Development.
According to TPEDOIT, Maokong offers abundant tourist attractions for visitors. Starting with the tea event and fire fly eco-tours in Spring, those visiting the neighborhood during summer can experience activities such as nighttime stargazing and Cosmos-viewing along the Zhangshu Trail in the summer. The agency recommends the stargazing event at night, inviting those interested to enjoy the charms of Maokong’s night sky by taking the Maokong Gondola to Zhinan Scenic Area, an idea spot for enjoying the stars in Taipei City.