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Beam-raising Ceremony for Jinzhou Street Public Housing Held on August 23

Mayor Ko at the Jinzhou Street Public Housing Beam-raising ceremonyMayor Ko Wen-je attended the beam-raising ceremony at the construction site of Jinzhou Street Public Housing on August 23.
During his address, the mayor expressed his pleasure for taking part in the beam-raising ceremony. He pointed out that the Jinzhou Public Housing Project will serve as a benchmark for the city’s public housing policy.
The new building will be twenty-stories tall with four basement floors. There will be a daycare center for senior citizens on the first floor, as well as a non-profit kindergarten. A community recreation center will be established on the second floor as well. A total of 398 public housing units will be available upon completion of the project.
According to Ko, the Jinzhou Street Public Housing seeks to become a model case of modern social housing projects. In addition to allocating space for community welfare purposes, another important task of the facility is to stimulate urban regeneration in its immediate surrounding. Taipei is designing a policy which seeks to drive urban renewal in the proximity of new municipal social housing projects. Under this policy, the city government will allow community residents whose home is undergoing overhaul to move into the social housing unit for the duration without having to go through lottery. The details of the policy are currently in the works.
The mayor remarked that the construction cost of the Jinzhou Street Public Housing is roughly NT$2.2 billion. He hopes that the construction can proceed smoothly and be completed on schedule.