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City Government Delegates Visit Pingtung

* Mayor Ko Wen-je and city government delegates visited Pingtung County Government on June 29 to exchange experiences in city government administration. During his speech, Ko said that as the southernmost municipality in Taiwan, Pingtung County is the most elongated county (north-south orientation) in the west, located near the tropical region; therefore it gives off a tropical vibe that Taipei citizens find highly appealing.

Ko remarked that he and his wife Peggy Chen attended the Taiwan Lantern Festival earlier this year, and he also commended Pingtung County Government for a job well done in hosting this year’s event, which saw the participation of an unprecedented number of people. During the lantern festival, the exhibition areas were constantly crowded with a sea of people who are very satisfied with the spectacle, demonstrating the prowess of the Pingtung County Government.

In addition, Ko responded to Pingtung County Magistrate Pan Men-an’s land appropriation-related problem by saying that Deputy Secretary-general Chen Chih-ming will be able to lend some assistance. Furthermore, he also offered Taipei City Government’s support, saying that if Pingtung County Government ever requires a Taipei Expo Park venue to showcase its agricultural products, they can simply contact the Commissioner of Economic Development Lin Chung-chieh.

The mayor mentioned that Pingtung County has set numerous precedents in the country over recent years, and it has been committed to encouraging youths to return to their hometown with the catchphrase “Young Blood – Young Talent”. For youths employed locally in Pingtung for 6 months, they are eligible to collect a NT$30,000 subsidy and enjoy home loans at low interest rates, serving as a tremendous incentive for many young people. He also visited the Craftsman Residential District young startup space. On the other hand, the inclusive playground is in vogue, therefore he and the city government delegates also visited the Heping Park Inclusive Playground.

Before embarking on his visit, Ko was interviewed by the press, where he was asked to elaborate on the purpose of bringing 70 Taipei City Government delegates to visit Pingtung. He replied that many of his staff will continue on to Kenting or Pingtung for the weekend. It is the summer vacation, so he invited everyone to travel to Pingtung; he also suggested that city government-level visits involve a certain number of city government delegates.