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Sulfur Cosmos Enters Full Bloom at Maokong

The field of blooming flowers along the Camphor Tree TrailWith rising temperature marking the arrival of summer, the sulfur cosmos fields along the Zhangshu (Camphor Tree) Trail in Wenshan District is now in full bloom!

The sulfur cosmos – officially known as Cosmos Sulphureus – contains the word ‘sulphureus’ in its name, which creates a vivid image of the flower’s bright orange appearance. Despite the similarity in color, sulfur cosmos is rather different from its larger distant cousin – the garden cosmos. One can notice the difference from the leaves, which have more of a “toothy” edge and rougher-looking surfaces.

The Zhangshu Trail has always been popular among visitors both young and old, as a place for short and comfortable hikes. The 1.1-kilometer-long walkway is a smooth and effortless hike for most people, connecting pastoral landmarks such as the ox cart statue and the “Turning Granary” public art installation.

To revitalize the surrounding landscape, the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) experimented with different kinds of flowers, transforming the abandoned fields along the trail into flower zones which bloom three times a year. The most recent period of bloom is expected to last from June 1 through 15. The agency welcomes the public to bring their cameras and capture the beauty of the sea of yellow flowers.

GEO added that the Zhangshu Trail also comprises the seventh section of the Taipei Grand Trail. Hikers can enjoy a day’s tour of Maokong by starting out at Zhinan Temple Trail and travel along the Zhangshu Trail to enjoy the view of blooming flowers. After eating lunch at a local store or restaurant, they can take the gondola to Taipei Zoo for a fun-filled afternoon.

For more information on the hiking trails in the area, please visit the Facebook fan page of Taipei Grand Trail (https://www.facebook.com/Taipei.Trail/) or GEO’s Chinese website (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/).