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Traffic Control for 2021 Double-tenth Day Preparations

Map of traffic control areas near the Presidential OfficeThe 2021 Double-tenth Day (National Day of the ROC) is right around the corner!
To prepare for the parade and celebrations, the 2021 National Day Preparation Committee announced that work will be carried out at the Presidential Office Building and surrounding areas from September 23 through 24, and again from 29 through 30. The setting up of the main screen, stage, and lighting equipment – as well as dismantling of the temporary facilities after the event – will be conducted between September 29 through October 11.
Taipei City Police Department will put in place the following traffic control measures to ensure the smooth progress of preparations:

  1. National Day Parade Practice (Nighttime):
    1. Date and Time:
      1. September 23 (11 PM) – September 24 (4 AM). [Reserved Date: September 29 (11 PM) – September 30 (4 AM)]
      2. September 29 (11 PM) – September 30 (4 AM). [Reserved Date: September 30 (11 PM – October 1 (4 AM))
    2. Area: Boai Road; east of (excluding) Zhonghua Road; south of Zhongxiao West Road (including 2 lanes on the south side); west of (excluding) Huaining Street, and north of (including) Aiguo West Road.
    3. Guideline: Traffic control measures targeting vehicles only (pedestrians not affected). The scope of traffic control measures may be further expanded based on actual needs.
    4. Note: During the traffic control period, the slow and motorcycle lanes on Zhongxiao West Road (between Zhongshan South Road and Chongqing South Road) will remain open to traffic.
  2. Main Stage LED Screen and National Day Light Show Setup:
    1. Date and Time: September 29 (midnight) – October 11 (11:59 PM)
    2. Area: Ketagalan Boulevard (between Chongqing South Road and Huaining Street).
    3. Guideline: No vehicles will be allowed within the traffic control area. The scope of traffic control measures may be further expanded based on actual needs.
Vehicles entering the vicinity of the traffic control area during the aforementioned period should follow the directions of traffic police. If possible, drivers should take detours and avoid the traffic control areas entirely. Please stay tuned to radio broadcasting stations for the latest traffic updates.a