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City Holds Press Conference for Upcoming Universiade Parade

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the press conference organized by city hall announcing the Universiade Parade on August 12. The organizers expect a turnout of 30,000 spectators and over 1,000 floats, making it the largest parade to take place in Taipei.
According to the mayor, the slogan of the upcoming Universiade is “Let Taiwan Reach out to the World and Let the World See Taiwan.” As for how to let the world see Taiwan, Ko explained that the best way to do so is to highlight Taiwan’s friendliness and passion and the best opportunity would be through the parade.
During his speech, the mayor mentioned that August 12 is also the opening day of the Universiade’s Athletes Village. Starting from this date, athletes and staff from all over the world will begin arriving in Taiwan for the event. Therefore, the parade is the best way to bid welcome to these global guests to the city.
Responding to media questions after the press conference about how he felt riding the mini Harley Davidson, Ko said that the accelerator was difficult to control and that it’s safe to ride bicycles.
Regarding FISU’s decision to change “Taiwan” into “Chinese Taipei” in the promotion materials, the mayor noted materials submitted by city hall usually include “Taiwan.” However, FISU has the right to edit materials and often changes “Taiwan” to “Chinese Taipei.” As it is impossible to cover all the materials, there are occasional cases where the phrases “Taiwan” and “Chinese Taipei” co-exist in the publication.
He added that at places where “Taiwan” is used as a geographical term, it will look awkward if the editing turns out to be “Chinese Taipei is long and narrow.” Therefore, for these cases the city government will remind FISU to change it back to the original term.