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City Offers Cross-border eCommerce Program to Boost Business Competitiveness

The eCommerce program at CBESCWith lockdown measures being implemented across various countries due to the pandemic, the stay-at-home lifestyle has forced many people to change their shopping habits and shift to buying online. Amazon’s Prime Day event indicated a 17.3% jump in revenues for the year, testifying to the growth of ecommerce.
To help local businesses claim a share of this growing market, Taipei City Government joined hands with some of the entrepreneurs who are experts in running global operations on Amazon and other B2B platforms to organize the “Taipei City Business Cross-border eCommerce High-effect Program” starting late July.
The coursework, spanning 3 days, offer instructions on product description SEO, product window display page design, and advertisement attraction optimization. Those interested in the classes can choose between focusing on B2C or B2B based on their respective fields. The program also comprises 2 sessions for experience exchange and actual case studies.
According to Commissioner Lin Chung-chieh of the Department of Economic Development, the pandemic has a significant impact upon global industries and commerce. Noticing the growing demand for digital talents around the world, the agency hopes to expand training in this area for local businesses and enterprises through the Taipei Cross-border eCommerce Service Center (CBESC).
In light of the pandemic, the course will be conducted over the Internet. The B2B and B2C courses will start respectively on July 22 and early August. For more details on the program, please visit the Chinese website of CBESC (https://cbesc.gov.taipei/) or call the institution (TEL: 02-2581-3521, ext. 613).