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Public Invited to Visit Yuanshan Area’s Hidden Attraction -- Jiantan Park

Art editor ImgThe Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) invites the public to visit Jiantan Park, located at section 4 of Zhongshan North Road. The facility is a recreational spot for both tourists and neighborhood residents.

Located on the north side of Taipei Basin and adjacent to the Grand Hotel and Taipei Astronomical Museum, Jiantan Park takes up an area of 6,935 square meters and sits at the entrance of the Yuanshan Scenic Area.

Jiantan Park boasts a unique arch gate that emanates an archaic feel and leads through a path sided by verdant greenness. Stone benches are installed throughout the park, along with a fitness trail. A pair of large stone lion-dog statues is located at the entrance. The largest of its kind on the island, the stone beasts were presented to Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era and relocated to the Jiantan Park at the time of the park’s founding.

Mosaic murals dot the park’s slopes, on which rest the artwork of well-known painter from Tainan Yen Shui-long. Themes of the murals include paddies, mud, seashells, and fireflies – depicting the transformation of Taipei Basin, as well as the industry development of the City, from an agricultural society into a burgeoning industrial center.

PSLO pointed out that Jiantan Park is situated in the vicinity of Chientan Youth Activity Center, MRT Jiantan Station, Yuanshan Scenic Area, Ming Chuan University, and Shilin Night Market. Not only is the park accessible by public transportation, it also possesses rich cultural heritage and promotes eco awareness with a plethora of plants.

Individuals embarking on a trip to Jiantanshan Hiking Trail are invited to stop by the park for a moment of serenity.