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Future of Gongguan Pedestrian Zone Policy to Be Decided by i-Voting

To seek out residents’ voice on the issue of whether to continue weekend pedestrian zone at the Gongguan commercial district, Taipei City Government will conduct a survey with i-Voting mechanism this week.
During the first stage, members of the public interested in this issue can register to express their opinions via city hall’s i-Voting system. Registration is available on the Chinese i-Voting website (www.ivoting.taipei.gov.tw) between midnight and 8 PM on January 14.
Participants who successfully registered will receive a system-dispatched verification code on their cellphone at midnight on January 15. They can then proceed to cast their ballot (“Agree,” “No Opinion”, or “Disagree”) online from midnight to 4 PM on January 15.
The results of the first stage will be announced after the vote on the same day.
The second stage of survey will target business owners and residents of the Gongguan neighborhood. Qualified individuals will cast their vote at the poll station set up at the Taipei Water Park Front Plaza (located at the intersection of Tingzhou Road and Siyuan Street) between 10 AM and 4 PM on January 17.
According to the Department of Transportation, both the effectiveness evaluation report of the Gongguan pedestrian zone policy and the results of the first stage of voting will be published on the aforementioned website. The results of the second stage voting will be used as a basis for the city government to decide whether the Gongguan pedestrian zone policy will continue in the future.