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License Mandatory for Mini-electric Scooters Starting November 30

Taipei City HallStarting November 30, the Motor Vehicles Office will implement a license system for all e-scooters (which is now officially called ‘mini electric two-wheel vehicle’) in Taipei. The new policy will make registration, license plate, and liability insurance mandatory for owners. The vehicle can only be operated by individuals 14 or above, and riders will need to follow traffic rules and regulations. 


For mini electric two-wheelers already in use, owners will be required to complete the process of clearing vehicle inspection and the affixing of the inspection decal, as well as completing vehicle registration and acquiring the license plate within a two-year limit. They should check with MVO regarding details to avoid infringing the law. 


In addition, motorists need to be at least 14 years old to operate the vehicle. He or she will need to wear a helmet when riding the mini electric two-wheeler and cannot take other passengers. The maximum speed of the vehicle is capped at 25 km/h. Individuals are warned not to modify the vehicle’s electronic controllers and settings. 


The Directorate General of Highways has also established a designated corner on its Chinese website for owners of mini electric two-wheel vehicles (https://www.mvdis.gov.tw/m3-emv-car/car/electricBicycles/eBicyclesDoc). The brochure on the new regulations for mini electric two-wheel vehicles is available in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Burmese, and Khmer. 


Considering the differences in the speed of mini electric two-wheel vehicles, standard bicycles, and pedestrians, the city government declared that sidewalks and city bike lanes (excluding riverside bike lanes) in Taipei are off-limits to the electric two-wheelers for safety reasons. 


Motorists should wear their helmet and follow traffic rules when they take to the road on their mini electric two-wheel vehicles. They need to maintain a safe distance with other vehicles and be aware of the surrounding and speed when on the road.