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Paraguay Participates in 2019 National Day of ROC, Presents TCPD with Letter of Appreciation

Vehicles designated to transporting foreign dignitaries The Republic of Paraguay Vice President Hugo Velázquez and the second lady led a delegation to attend the 2019 National Day of the Republic of China from October 9-13.

For the duration of their visit, the delegation members not only participated in the national day celebration and national day reception, but also paid a visit to the Legislative Yuan and Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tie Guanyin Tea and Baozhong Tea. They presented Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) and police officer Tsai Chia-hung, who was responsible for the lead car of the motorcade, with a letter of appreciation for ensuring that their itinerary went without a hitch.

Police officer Tsai of TCPD Mobile Division Squadron Four was put in charge of the lead car security details for the motorcade of the Republic of Paraguay guests who arrived in Taiwan to attend the 2019 National Day. For the duration of the guests' stay, he was responsible for allocating tasks based on the Police Department's Security Detail Execution Plan to protect the safety of the VIPs. Furthermore, he has demonstrated exemplary professionalism and dedication to successfully completing the mission. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Paraguay in the Republic of China (Taiwan) Marcial Bobadilla Guillen was so impressed with the performance of officer Tsai and TCPD that he personally presented them with a letter of appreciation in recognition of their exceptional work! This not only facilitates friendly bilateral relations and good police image but also demonstrates the TCPD's endeavors in diplomacy and maintaining public order.

According to TCPD, officer Tsai from the Mobile Division has also expressed his sincere gratitude to the Republic of Paraguay for their letter of appreciation! The agency indicated that it will continue to uphold its responsibilities and enthusiasm in maintaining public order, hence citizens are appealed to carry on supporting police work in an effort to make society a safer place for all.