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Kitchen fires lead in fire incidents: safety tips for effective protection

According to statistics, stove fires were the leading cause of a total of 1,268 fires reported in Taipei city last year, with 406 cases accounting for 32%. Further analysis revealed that these fires occurred in situations where individuals either overcooked or forgot to turn off stoves before leaving. Therefore, it is advised that people adhere to the principle of "turning off the fire when leaving the stove" when cooking.


Taipei City Fire Department urges individuals to turn off stoves before leaving the kitchen and choose stoves equipped with automatic shut-off mechanisms and temperature sensing features. In situations where cooking requires prolonged periods and continuous attention cannot be given, it is recommended to set a timer as a reminder. This helps prevent accidents due to forgetfulness or momentary negligence, which could result in burnt food or even fires. Additionally, for residential buildings fewer than five floors, it is recommended to install residential fire alarms in various rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, and to test their functionality regularly, when a fire occurs, this ensures protection of home safety.