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City Holds Housewarming Party for Guangci Social Housing

Mayor Ko with tenants of Guangci Social HousingOn November 1, the Department of Urban Development organized a housewarming party to welcome tenants to the newly-completed Guangci Social Housing. It also took the opportunity to hold a press conference for the release of a new series of books spotlighting Taipei’s social housing projects. 


Dignitaries attending the event include borough chief Tsai Kuei-ching of Daren Borough and representatives from the architect’s office, construction company, startups, and city agencies.


Sections D and E of the Guangci Social Housing offer a total of 1,044 units, and the project is an important landmark for the implementation of the City’s social housing policy, as the building is a modern structure with characteristics such as smart, green, earthquake resistant, and obstacle-free. Within the parameters of Guangci Social Housing, there are also open plazas to the north and south, as well as a 20-meter-wide path spanning the central belt of greens. Social welfare facilities such as daycare center and clinics will soon begin operations to answer to the needs of residents.


Planned by the Guangci Young Startup Team, the house-warming party featured an open-air market, an ice cream truck, and various stalls offering merchandise and fun. Visitors who collect four “beast” stamps at the event can bring home a souvenir. There are also stage performances including sing-alongs, dances, and a band show. 


Mayor Ko Wen-je and Urban Development Commissioner Huang I-ping took the opportunity to visit the homes of members of young startups and listened to their stories about everyday life in the community. The mayor believes that feedbacks from tenants is important and will serve as references for the design of future social housings. The city officials also joined tenant representatives for a photo op at the building’s rooftop garden.