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City Holds Open Audition to Recruit Urban Planning Experts

To promote urban renewal policies, the Department of Urban Development (UDD) will be holding an open audition to recruit 10 professionals to work for Taipei Urban Redevelopment Center (TURC).
The finalists will be selected from applicants with background in the fields of architecture, urban design, landscaping, law, land administration, financial affairs, art, public administration, politics, social welfare, information technology, and so on. Their expertise will be relied upon to help design a blueprint for Taipei, detailing the vision of how the city will develop over the next 50 years.
According to Urban Development Commissioner Lin Chou-min, TURC will play a proactive role in implementing urban redevelopment policies in line with Mayor Ko’s commitment to realizing housing justice. The government will develop strategies, select targeted areas, coordinate resources, improve infrastructure, and relocate affected residents.
UDD seeks to employ individuals who have related experience in urban/land use planning, as well as those who are tech-savvy and excel at graphics software such as CAD.
An open evaluation and selection process will be conducted by a panel of judges to determine the finalists.
The deadline for applications is January 23, 2015. To learn more about the open audition project, please visit the TURC Chinese website (http://www.turc.org.tw) or dial (02)2392-2910, ext. 3101.