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TPEDOIT Provides Additional Incentives to Boost Local Tourism

Participants of a group tour outside Taipei ZooDue to COVID-19, the tourism industry of Taipei has taken a severe hit. To attract more people to visit Taipei and shop locally, the city government offered a number of incentives in June. It also implemented the “Taipei Go” worry-free tourism campaign in mid-July, providing great deals such as affordable hotel rates, safe inns, combo ticket collaboration with Taiwan Highspeed Rail, and discounts for dual decker sightseeing bus.
As of August 31, its efforts have attracted over 20,000 visitors to Taipei, significantly boosting local consumption and lodging.
The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) worked closely with the Taipei Association of Travel Agents (TATA) to bring in more group tour guests. Between July 15 and August 31, the first 20,000 participants of tour groups visiting Taipei will receive a Group Guest Gift Set consisting of double-decker sightseeing bus tickets, vouchers, and other goodies worth up to NT$3,495.
According to TATA Chairman Wu Chih-chien, the 20,000 packages created a massive response among consumers. The limited gift sets ran out within two weeks (July 28) after the start of the campaign, successfully attracting 797 groups under 81 tour companies. Having brought in 20,000 tourists, the incentive is expected to draw 40,000 more in the near future, thereby creating an economic benefit of NT$130 million for Taipei’s tourism-related industry.
In addition, TPEDOIT is also collaborating with Taipei Business district and Industrial Confederation to organize the Taipei Staycation Festival which highlights a series of deals and thematic activities from August 21 through December. Hopefully, with the fun-filled events lasting through the end of the year, people from across the island will choose Taipei as a destination and stimulate the city’s economy.