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The TCG DOF announces 6 places of city-owned real estate in Da'an District, Shilin District, and Zhongshan District. Sincerely welcome to bidding.

The TCG DOF announces 6 places of city-owned real estate in Da'an District, Shilin District, and Zhongshan District on 20th of June 2024, and the bid opening is scheduled at 10 a.m. on 4th of July 2024.

The 6 city-owned properties being auctioned are all participated in the urban renewal return, the relevant information is summarized as follows:

1. Announcement No.1:the commercial real estate located on No. 10, Lane 210, Section 2, Fuxing South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City, nearby MRT Technology Building Station, and the surrounding commercial district is vibrant with strong potential for profitability. The minimum bidding price is NTD 31,660,300.

2. Announcement No.2:the residence located on 8th floor, No. 200 DeXing East Road, Shilin District, Taipei City (including 1 parking space), nearby Lanya Park and Dayeh Takashimaya, with good surrounding living facilities. The minimum bidding price is NTD 64,058,200.

3. Announcement No.3 to No.6:These residences are located on the 3rd Floor of No.47, No.49, No.53-2, and No.53-3, Section 2, Xinsheng North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (including 2 to 3 parking spaces for each unit), nearby Xingtian Temple MRT Station, Songjiang Nanjing MRT Station and Zhongyuan Park, with good overall transportation conditions. The minimum bidding price is starting from NTD 63,448,800.

The deadline for bid submission is at 5:00 pm on 3rd of July 2024, interested bidders can contact the responsible person to schedule an appointment before 3rd of July 2024. If people are unable to visit the properties in person due to busy work schedules or other factors, they can also use the online 3D virtual tour service, which   The TCG DOF supplies. The detailed bidding information and 3D virtual tour service have been posted on the website of The TCG DOF (https://dof.gov.taipei). From now on , interested bidders can request for bidding documents free of charge from administrative services office of The TCG DOF (only one serving per person) or inquire and download on the website, welcome interested and eligible individuals, domestic corporations (including companies) to actively participate in the bidding process.