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Neihu Police Promotes Traffic Safety on Back-to-School Day

Police officers from Neihu Police Precinct promoting traffic safety to elementary school studentsOn the first day of the new semester for local public schools (August 30), police officers from Neihu Police Precinct could be seen directing traffic around local schools to ensure both smooth traffic flow and pedestrian safety. They also promoted traffic safety tips to both kids and parents, hoping to raise public awareness on traffic safety.
The police force strengthened patrols and traffic directing near high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools to alleviate traffic pressure while parents drop off/pick up their kids at the gate on the first day of school. The presence of officers in uniform enhances the security of school campuses as well.
In addition to protecting students and strengthening campus safety, the Neihu Police Precinct also took this opportunity to promote traffic safety concepts to students and their parents. To attract their attention, the police officers brought a police motorcycle to the site. Many parents and kids stop by to have their pictures taken with the rare two-wheeler and receive small souvenirs from the cops.
The Neihu Police Precinct reminds parents who drive their kids to school to park their vehicles at legitimate parking spaces before leaving their vehicles and avoid committing parking infringements. They should also make sure that everyone wears his or her seat belt. Both drivers and passengers should adopt the two-step car door opening procedure when disembarking to avoid possible accidents.
Kids should avoid running and playing on the streets. They should also pay attention to vehicles in their surroundings to ensure their own safety.