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TFD Celebrates 2016 Firefighter’s Day

To commemorate Firefighter’s Day, the Fire Department (TFD) organized a celebration event at the tenth floor auditorium in the agency building on January 19.
During the ceremony, Mayor Ko Wen-je presented awards to outstanding firefighters, agency employees, and volunteers. A total of 90 individuals and organizations were recognized at the occasion for helping Taipei become a safer city.
These unsung heroes include Taipei City Friends of Fire Fighter Association, Taipei City Association of Fire Protection, Songshan Cihui Temple, Songshan Ciyou Temple, Longshan Temple, Yun-yang Fire Safety Equipment Co., Puji Temple, Well Buying Industrial Co., 202 Military Police Command, Chinese Fire Protection Engineer’s Association Union, Taipei Fire Protection Engineer’s Association, Taipei City Fire Protection Technician Professional Association, and more.
The “Golden Dragon Award,” a top honor reserved for firefighters and volunteers showing outstanding achievements, were given out to 16 firefighters and 6 volunteer firefighters.
According to TFD, the agency’s campaign in urging households to install fire alarms in recent years has yielded favorable results. In 2015, the alarm helped prevent casualties in 12 reported fires by enhancing early warning capabilities. In the area of emergency rescue operations, TFD reported that a total of 102 OHCA (out-of-hospital cardiac arrest) cases were successfully discharged from the hospital – 46 more than those in 2014.