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Tech-assisted Traffic Enforcement for 20 Intersections Begins Dec. 1

Intersection with a sign on tech-assisted traffic enforcementTo maintain traffic safety in Taipei City and minimize the chance of accidents, the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) announced that it will activate tech devices for traffic enforcement at 20 intersections across the city starting December 1. 


TCPD installed its first traffic enforcement tech device at the intersection of Zhengzhou Road and Xining North Road on January 3. As of September, the average number of accidents per month at the monitored intersection has seen a 30-percent drop, compared to the numbers from the past three years. 


This year, TCPD secured funding from the central government and other sources to expand the scope of the tech solution to 20 road intersections seeing large numbers of accidents. 


The following intersections will be covered by the project: Civic Boulevard/Chengde Road; Minquan W. Road/Chengde Road; Minquan W. Road/Yanping N. Road; Minquan W. Road/Lanzhou Street; Dazi Road/Beian Road; Minquan W. Road/Jianguo N. Road; Civic Boulevard/Zhongshan N. Road; Civic Boulevard/Jianguo S. Road; Civic Boulevard Sec. 2/Linsen N. Road; Heping E. Road/Keelung Road; Xinyi Road/Jianguo S. Road; Xinhai Road Sec. 3/Keelung Road Sec. 3; Civic Boulevard/Dunhua S. Road; Zhongxiao E. Road/Keelung Road; Xinyi Road/Keelung Road; Zhongzheng Road/Yanping N. Road; Dadu Road/Lide Road; Chengde Road/Fuguo Road; Heping E. Road/Xiyuan Road, and Xinhai Road/Muzha Road. Sec. 1.


The tech devices will adopt a “multi-functional” approach by prioritizing different traffic violation types based on AI analysis of past accidents at the respective intersections. The equipment has the capability to identify license plate number and conduct automatic assessment for determining violation type and related vehicle path. The data will be reviewed by case officers before actual citation. This approach reduces the burden for traffic cops and minimizes the chance of enforcement errors.