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TWD Encourages Users to Apply for Home Toilet Leak Inspection

Inspection of household toilet for leaksTo encourage residents to save water, Taipei Water Department (TWD) is currently offering the “Toilet Leak Repair Incentive Program.” Customers who apply for “Household Water-saving Home Inspection Service” to identify possible leaks in home bathrooms and complete the required repairs before the deadline can submit their repair invoice for a deduction of up to NT$500 on their next water bill.
Opening is limited, and TWD encourages customers to sign up for the service to help conserve valuable water resources and commemorate Earth Day by saving water.
According to the agency, it has implemented water-saving programs to ensure ample supply of water and effective use of water resources since 2006. The Household Water-saving Home Inspection Service was first introduced in 2016.
Statistics indicate that over 15% of household’s leak issues are caused by toilet leaks. To encourage customers to examine their toilets, those who apply for the TWD inspection visit, spot related issues, complete repairs, and upload the receipt to TWD’s activity website before November 30 will receive up to a maximum of NT$500 deduction on their next water bill.
The agency also shared several tips to help the public reduce water consumption. Noting that the primary place for using water at home is the bathroom (activities such as flushing toilet, washing clothing, and bathing accounts for roughly 70% of household water consumption), saving water here is the key.
Minor changes such as replacing baths with showers, installing water-saving nozzles, and storing shower water to flush toilets will help reduce water usage. If one can save between 6 to 9 liters of water by using recycled shower water for one toilet flush, doing more will no doubt reduce the monthly water bill and help save water resources.