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Annual Drill Tests City’s Preparedness Against Extreme Weather Conditions

Firefighters spraying water at a building during the drillTaipei City Government conducted the 2022 Taipei Disaster and Prevention Drill on July 12. The highlights of this year’s drill include “semi-advanced notice,” “no reduction in drill procedure implementation,” and “no special sets.”
The exercise is carried out in accordance with the central government’s pandemic prevention guidelines, and the two major themes selected for this year’s event are “drought” and “radioactive contamination.” Drill scenarios span a number of disasters taking place in the middle of an extended drought, thoroughly testing the preparedness and execution capabilities of the city government’s disaster response units.
The theme categories covered by the drill were randomly drawn by Mayor Ko Wen-je at the start of the session, with related exercises being carried out simultaneously at different venues across the city. The lottery results span 14 scenarios, including the emergency deployment of a water distribution station; the establishment of a field command station; a radioactive contamination crisis, and a fire at a quarantine hotel.
When the exercise began, the alert was activated and each responsible agency dispatched first respondents to incident locations. Drill participants carried out their respective step-by-step SOPs – up through the resolution of the crisis. In addition to city government departments, the drill also saw the participation of the army, private sector organizations, and other disaster-response units.
During his address, the mayor pointed out that the annual disaster and prevention drill features scenarios that reflect different kinds of disasters to allow first responders to test and practice related SOPs. The exercise helps participants spot possible weaknesses in operations. The drill helps to make Taipei City a lot safer. The actual participating agencies and venues are randomly chosen at the start of the drill.
Ko reminded all fully-equipped personnel to drink adequate amount of water to protect themselves from the overwhelming outdoor heat during the drill. He expressed his gratitude to the participants for being prepared, remarking that those who don’t train on a regular basis cannot perform adequately during the drill.